WIFI Connectivity Challenges and Solutions

What is the number one topic in the commercial airline world today? Connectivity. Every airline wants it. Inflight WIFI has to exists for real.

The Problem? Take a typical 200-seat single aisle airliner: providing WIFI access to every passenger is a no-go. Why? Because bottleneck obstructions exist, either in the satellite, on board network or WIFI link. No network can provide the necessary 120KB/s per terminal needed for fluent 4K HD streaming. Satellite networks become saturated and starts failing whenever 20+ passengers plug in simultaneously. Most WIFI networks cannot even reach the 30/WIFI network. The resulting blockages is a disappointment for many passengers.

WIFI Technologies from Brussels believes it has solved these problems. The AIR STREAMER unit from WIFI TECHNOLOGIES, at -41 dB signal strength, confronted all other WIFI transmitters at a recent show between -73dB and -85dB. 1 dB signal difference doubles the range and capacity available. It explains why the WIFI TECHNOLOGIES product is a go for 200 and up simultaneous passengers plugged in. This was demonstrated through an Alethea WIFI simulator. The ultimate test consisted in a simultaneous streaming by 88 terminals within the same microsecond. It showed a system saturation under 3.5 percent, to the surprise of the Alethea operator.

“AIR STREAMER is the world leader in terms of Inflight WIFI performance and quality,” Yves Hendrickx, CEO of WIFI Technologies, says. “There is much more to come, but the future is not tomorrow, but already here today.”