WinAir’s Ongoing Service and COVID-19 Remote Work Policy

WinAir has taken measures to ensure they mitigate the health and safety risks to their team during the coronavirus pandemic. It will remain in effect until no earlier than April 6th. The company says the new policy will not affect their client’s use of WinAir or the level of service and support that provided to these companies. WinAir is assuring their users “everything will follow standard operating procedures and will be business-as-usual.”

“We want to assure our clients that during this difficult time, we are with you every step of the way,” says WinAir managing director, Kyle Vergeer. “Your access to, and use of WinAir, will remain the same, and should you require assistance, our team is ready to help via our regular support mechanisms. We are thinking of you and look forward to overcoming this crisis together as a united industry.”

If clients have a support item that requires assistance, they are asked to follow the standard procedure for submitting a ticket via the company’s Incident system. If they need telephone support, their Technical Support team is available at our regular number at 1-519-691-0919.

“We know that the aviation industry has been hit particularly hard by this pandemic. We are hopeful that together, as an interconnected global community, we can overcome this challenge. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Take care, be safe, and stay strong.”